Factory of Light Water (FLW)
Protium Water
Building of protium water production using supercritical dissolution effect and subsequent nanoporous electrode electrolysis.
The protium water equipment manufacture is needed for social institutions, hospitals, health centers, nursing homes, nurseries, gardens, schools, swimming pools, saunas, pharmacy, catering, food processing, pharmaceutical, agricultural enterprises, companies for fresh water bottling. Protium (light) water can be used for medical, health-care, health, beauty applications as a mixture of: 1Н216О; 1Н217О; 1Н218О combined with active oxygen. This composition of protium water has a most beneficial effect on the human body.

Protium water: Benefits
- Metabolism normalization, elimination of toxins and radionuclides in the body;
-Treatment and prevention of cancer, diabetes, kidney and liver diseases;
-The recovery of the bodyafter stressand fatigue;
-It normalizes blood pressure, lipid and carbohydrate metabolism;
-It has a powerful cosmetic effect;
- It slows down the aging process and extends life expectancy ;
- Strengthening the body by stimulating the absorption of molecular oxygen from the blood.
ProtiumWater Preparation:

Processesandequipment for the "Factory of Light Water"providebiologicallyactivewaterpreparation whilereducingthecontent of heavy hydrogen protons and oxygen by a fundamentally new method using supercritical dissolution nanoeffect and subsequent electrolysis with porous nanocapillarelectrode.

The technology for protiumwater production includes the following processes:

- Filtration of raw water to remove solids and suspended substances using a water purification system of the "ABSOLUTE" type;
- Ozone-ultraviolet water treatment in the BT-W   to destruct (decompose) organic matter, oxidation of iron and manganese to insoluble hydroxides, elimination of odors (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, phyto-zoo-plankton), the destruction of the bacterial microflora, imparting flavor properties of the mountain water, structural formation of water molecules by reacting with ozone;
   - Water purification with sorption FS– ABSOLUTE series filter to remove excessive hardness, iron, manganese, heavy metal ions, organic substances such as humic acids by filtration through a zeolite-containing (clinoptilolite) load;
- Electrolysis of gas-saturated water in the electro-chemical cell with porous nanocapillar electrodes in the pressure mode;
- Bottled water.

The proposed list of equipment for "Factory of Light Water - FLW» is substantially different from all known methods of producing "light water", such as tower evaporation and vacuum-evaporator installation types, etc., since energy costs differ by more than 6 ÷ 7 times .