"Absolute - the Pool» is for cleaning and disinfection of swimming pool water (hereinafter CWT) and includes:
- allpass water purification filter with the function of water treatment from sand, clay, mineral suspended substances, fragments of skin and hair, with integrated DC power supply for adjusting the pH of the water;
-‘BT-W’ ozone-ultraviolet Water Treatment unit with an ejector device for bactericidal and virucidal water treatment and for the active oxygen water saturation.
 The unique feature of the allpass water purification filter is the filter self-cleaning material combined with its high abrasion resistance, mechanical strength, surface area and adsorption activity. The operation of the water purification filter requires flushing of the sludge from   contaminants depending on the degree of contamination periodically or continuously applying not more than 0.1 ÷ 0.3% of the «Absolute" water purification unit performance.

Water Treatment Technology
BT-W unit for bactericidal treatment and purification of swimming pool water allows to implement a complex treatment of water: ozonation and UV radiation of contaminated water is over  10,000 times more efficient than all known methods. Other advantages of the BT-W unit are: low power consumption; high reliability; ease of maintenance –the BT-W unit’s switching-on and - off is carried out in parallel with the pump switching-on and -off; self-disinfection and self-cleaning of the BT-W.

 Bactericidal and virucidal treatment of water by the BT-W system allows to get the water quality meeting health standards:  complete absence of bacteria (Coli, Salmonella) and others, the polio virus, germs and fungi. Moreover, water treatment by the BT-W system increases the transparency of water due to the active oxygen saturation, the treated water acquires bluish tint; there is no irritation of the eyes; it has a tonic effect on the skin.
 Energy intensity wok of "Absolute - the Pool" BT-W system does not exceed 50 W/m3 ÷ 400Vt/m3 treated water, sorption filter lifetime is  at least 10 years, UV irradiator of the BT-W equipment is  9000 hours.

The compactness of the water treatment equipment and low consumption of materials facilitates mounting the water treatment system directly on the circulation pump water supply pipe.

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